OLP-TECH LLC. was established in 2010 and exclusively owned by hungarian private persons. We are dealing mainly with manufacturing and site installation, assembly of steel structures and equipments – fulfilling orders for the chemical, food and automotive industries.

The professional staff of our company has a great professional background further more we train our skilled workers since 2011 promoting the support of the younger generation in order to realize our long term targets.

Thanks to our ongoing developments, investments and orders we have gained great experience in the above mentioned construction areas.

One of the important profiles of our company is the production of industrial solar power plants. We can also say that we are successful in this area as well, because we became world-known with this field of activity.

Through our projects, our colleagues travelled also outside of several European countries to overseas and we had a great success in Japan, Chile, El Salvador, Egypt, Senegal, Mauritania as well.