Quality policy

Since the foundation (2010) of OLP-TECH MANUFACTURING, ASSEMBLY AND SERVICE LTD. has been dealing with the production of steel structures, industrial piping and pressure vessels, and the implementation of solar power plants as well.

The main goal of OLP-TECH Ltd. is to strengthen its market position (taking advantage of its special expertise and experience ) in the manufacture of steel structures, industrial piping and pressure vessels, as well as for the new emerging energy source- in the area of the installation of solar power plants and meet customer needs in every respect.

The management of OLP-TECH Manufacturer, Assembly and Services LTD is committed to ensure the quality of the products produced by the company and the quality of the services it provides uniformly high quality that meets the needs and expectations of the Customers.

For this reason the management of OLP-TECH LTD pays special attention to the continuous development of the company and the continuous training for their colleges.

OLP-TECH Ltd. is certified according to the MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2009 standard and operates a certified quality management system accordingly.

OLP-TECH Ltd. has all the necessary certifications that cover its scope of activities.
Inter alia the company has the certification of plant aptitude and certification of pressure vessels, containers for hazardous liquids and certificates covering the requirements for steel structure manufacturing.

A cardinal issue for the management of the company is the environmental protection, so it pays particular attention to reducing the level of environmental pollution generated by its manufacturing activities, thus improving its selective waste collection system step by step and seeking reasonable use of energy.